Leonard Lardaro
Professor of Economics
University of Rhode Island





My Favorite Stock Market Books
H. Domash,
Fire Your Stock Analyst
Stikki Stock Charts (yes this is spelled correctly)
The Visual Investor (2nd ed) by John Murphy
Technical Analysis Plain and Simple (2nd ed) by Michael Kahn
Investment Fables by Aswath Damodaran
S. Nisson, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques (2nd ed)
M. Pring, Technician's Guide to Day & Swing Trading

Introductions to Stocks and the Stock Market - Stocks -
Smartmoney: Investing 101 -
Motley Fool: Investing Basics -
Motley Fool: Stocks -

Information about Companies and Investing
Kinds of Companies -
The Income Statement -
How to Read a Balance Sheet - 
Asset Allocation -
The Return to Invested Capital -

Help with Investment Terms
InvestorWords -
Campbell Harvey's Finance Glossary -

Technical Analysis of Stock Markets
Recommended site:
Technical Analysis (Parts 1 &  2)
Chart Analysis:



Basic Tools and References
CBS MarketWatch:
(excellent source for business news, also has good stock information tools, especially good graphs that can be customized by selecting Advanced tab)
Compare Same Industry Stocks -
(pick stock first, select Compare tab)
Yahoo Finance Page - (check profiles & technical tools, can download historical data on stocks and indexes into a spreadsheet)
Identifying Active Sectors: PerfChart of the S&P 500 SPDRs: (make this a bar chart if that does not come up with the URL above -- you can change the time horizon by moving the banner on the bottom right of the graph)
Identifying Active Stocks within Sectors: The Market Carpet:

More High-Powered Tools
CNBC Stock Screener Tool -
Stock Price Valuation Tool - (find "reasonable" approximations to the fundamental values of individual stocks)
MSN Money Stock Screener:
also look at its Power Stock Screener:
Stock Screens Based on Technical Analysis:



Economic Indicators and Downloadable Data
The US Economy at a Glance -
Economic Report of the President -- Statistical Tables -
Financial Forecast Center -
The Statistical Abstract of the United States - 
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) - - Economic Time Series Home Page-

The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy
"US Monetary Policy: An Introduction" -
Economic Indicators By the Numbers -
"The Beige Book" of the Federal Reserve, released every six weeks - 
US Monetary Policy and Financial Markets -
Fed: Historical Changes to Fed Funds and Discount Rate -

Interest Rates and the Bond Market
US Treasury Yields (this site provides a graph of the current Yield Curve) -
Yield Curve Graph:

The Living Yield Curve -
Economy and Bonds Page -
A Bond Primer -

International Information Country Briefings:
Global Business Cycle Indicators:
Foreign Labor Statistics:
The Currency Site: 
The Morgan-Stanley Global Economic Forum" -
Global Macroeconomic and Financial Policy Site