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General My University of Rhode Island Home Page
RI: General Interest ... Inside Politics.Org (RI/national political info from Darrell West)
RI Data RI Department of Labor and Training
Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
Regional/National U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Data Bank (employment, price, and wage data)
U.S. Bureau of the Census (much RI information after you search)
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis State Income Tables
U.S. Regional Economic Information Service (REIS)
Unemployment Insurance Chart Book (state comparisons)
State Tax Rates & Structure
Exchange Rates (real time plus articles)
The Beige Book of the Federal Reserve (regional economic conditions)
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Economic Information on the New England States
Interest Rates (Federal Reserve Economic Data System (FRED))
The National Economy At A Glance (more BLS data)
Economic Report of the President Statistical Tables (downloadable in Lotus format)
White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Statistical Abstract of the United States (incredible amount of data)
Dr. Ed Yardini's Economics Network (a wealth of data - national and international)
National Bureau of Economic Research Online Data
News Media The Providence Journal
Providence Business News
Wall Street Journal Research Net (view economic reports of the day)
CNN Financial Network (stock and bond market information)
Breaking News - Associated Press
Newspapers of the World
Calculators Interstate Salary Calculator (compare cost of living across the country)
Mortgage Calculator
The Longevity Game (detailed life expectancy calculation)
Reference Resources for Economists on the Internet
Library of Congress Home Page
Other Sites I Like The History Channel
The Discovery Channel Online
The Why Files: Science Behind the News
The Onion (humorous news articles)
The Fifty States and Capitals
American Medical Association Page (look up hospitals and doctors)

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