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Rhode Island's Employment "Top Ten" (Private and Public Sector) Ranked by Income 

One Reason Why Property Taxes in RI Are So High

Retail Sales: A Success Story

Has RI Employment Kept Pace With the Nation?
"Relative Strength" of RI vs. US Payroll Employment

Return of the Out-of-State Job Gap*
* Difference between numbers of working RI residents and number of jobs created by RI firms

Business Service Employment and Income for 1997:
Do you see a pattern here?

Rhode Island's Top Five Industry Groups for 1996:
Is This a Prescription for "Success" in the Information Age?

Annual Growth Rates in Goods Exports During This Recovery

Now and Then ...
Labor Demand
(Help Wanted Index, Providence, RI)

New Home Construction (Single-Unit Housing Permits)


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